Aliyah Service

You probably want to know what this unique service is all about. We at the Israel Property Network understand the challenges of aliyah.

We assist you with many aspects of your aliyah process, enabling you to focus on a smooth transition, with minimal hassle and fuss.

Many of Israel’s official offices can be difficult to access; we have your administration covered.

  • Help in setting up a pilot trip
  • Tours of the city choice you are interested in
  • Organize you to view potential homes to be
  • Schools and Nursery registration assistance
  • Medical Registration with Kupot Cholim ( Maccabi, Clalit, Leumit & Meuhedt)
  • Private medical services
  • Nursing care and housing for the elderly
  • Dental services
  • Creating & selecting the right bank accounts alongside currency exchange options
  • Transport and shipping recommendations
  • Compatibility of community with clients personal preference
  • Purchase and or rental of cars
  • Residential permits for cars, bikes housing compliance, water
  • Access to legal services for your rental contract
  • We will help you liaise with reliable and competitive insurance brokers
  • Navigating
  • You’ll benefit from our relationship with existing suppliers for furniture, soft furnishings, appliances and ensuring the deserved customer service
  • Coordinating deliveries before your arrival.
  • Arranging fumigation of your new home if required
  • Organizing cleaners before your arrival
  • Welcoming you to your new home in Israel!!

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Israel Property Network is by your side from start to finish of the property buying process and beyond. There is so much to consider after a property is purchased, and it is with this in mind that we created our exclusive aftercare service. Whatever you may need, from a boat to a builder; air conditioning or alarms; internet or new furniture. We’re here to help you settle in with complete peace of mind.

At Israel Property Network we believe that the first few moments you spend in your new dream property in the sun should be magical. You don’t want to be traipsing up and down the coast trying to find a tradesman, pool cleaner, or ringing round trying to get the TV and internet-connected up.

Our aftercare department is the only INDEPENDENT one-stop shop of property services in Israel.

Our extensive experience coupled with expert local knowledge means we can provide competitive quotes from trusted professionals. Through our network of partners, we can offer fully flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Everything we do is focused on meeting the expectations of our clients with each property we manage being cared for like our own.

Our Complete Aftercare Services Include:

  • Utility set up and transfers
  • Furniture & furniture packages
  • Interior design
  • Phone line installation
  • Internet/ADSL
  • Rentals
  • TV packages (Also International TV channels)
  • Painters
  • Car purchase
  • Jacuzzi purchase and installation
  • Pool Service
  • Property management
  • Alarm installation
  • Locksmith
  • Electrician
  • Plumbers
  • Builders Inc. full refurbishments
  • Foreign exchange & Transfer savings
  • Property presentation, i.e. Marketing, Website Design and Photographs
  • Air conditioning installations + servicing
  • Kitchens
  • Curtains, Blinds & Shades
  • Property Insurance
  • Fumigation (recommended annually)
  • Passover clean
  • Long and short term rentals and more

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Property Management

We at Israel Property Network appreciate the difference in service demand between Long term tenants versus holiday/short term rentals. We provide two different levels of service related to the specific needs of each client.

As a property owner, you may still feel undecided about which type of rental contract will maximize your asset. We offer packages ranging from homeowners wishing to enjoy their holiday home with no hassle or stress encompassing the physical and legal maintenance requirements in Israel.

‘A drop key’ service whereby on landing at the airport your home will have been maintained and prepared for your arrival, i.e. making beds, stocking the fridge to your request

Israel Property Network specialist's in property management for overseas clients offering high quality, consistent and reliable ongoing Property Management Solutions. We encompass a wealth of experience, up-to-date market knowledge, and expertise.

Our Property Manager with over 25 years experience in the industry aims to appease you of the worry, frustration, and aggravation of managing your property in Israel.

Browse our property management packages and arrange your consultation available via video/ audio chat or in person.

Tailored packages are also available to your specific requirements can also be arranged.

Long Term Rental Package

  • Market the property for long term rental
  • Negotiate the terms of the contract
  • Visit the property twice a year to ensure the state of the apartment is maintained
  • Arrange cleaning before new tenant takes occupancy
  • Attend to tenants needs during the rental period
  • Ensure transfer of utilities to the tenant and back to the owner at the beginning and end of lease period.
  • Secure key holder service
  • 24-hour emergency on-call contact service (hourly rate applicable)
  • Mail collection, processing, filing, and forwarding services as necessary

Short Stay and Owner Stay Package

  • A bimonthly walk-through of the vacant property conducting full checks to ensure all systems air-conditioning, alarm, water, appliances, etc are in good working order (recording visits for insurance purposes, this is an Israeli insurance requirement)
  • Organizing cleaning of the property according to your requirements
  • Organize an inventory and information guide to the apartment
  • Market the property for short term rentals
  • Arrange cleaning between rentals
  • Attend to tenants needs during rentals
  • 24-hour emergency on-call contact service (hourly rate applicable)
  • Mail collection, processing, filing, and forwarding services as necessary
  • Laundering of sheets and towels following your visit, preparing the flat for your arrival, i.e. making beds, stocking the fridge to your request (cleaning, laundry, and goods purchased charged separately)
  • Landscaping, watering houseplants and gardening services
  • Secure key holder service

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